With Intention

Our courses provide the required Hebrew language and cantillation, and Jewish History instruction for Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation to qualified and motivated students!


Twenty per cent of funds received are sent directly to
Estranged People-ESCO,  helping the Jewish people of Ethiopia.


There are two things that set this program apart from other similar courses:

1. The founding INTENTION to fund the non profit, Estranged People-ESCO, in their goal to transform the lives of the impoverished Jewish communities in Ethiopia.


Pictured here are some of the many widows and fatherless
that Estranged People-ESCO has helped over the years .

2. Biweekly or daily (depending on package chosen) accountability to learn required material


Pictured here are widows learning how to start a small
buisness to be able to support themselves and their children.


This company was founded WITH the INTENTION to fund the non profit , Estranged People-ESCO , in their goal to  transform the lives of impoverished  Jewish communities in Ethiopia.

You can learn more about Estranged People-ESCO at www.ethiopiajudaica.org and see almost daily posts of what they are doing for the empoverished Jewish People of Ethiopia on our Facebook pages ethiopiajudaica and ethiopiajudaicaPR ( Spanish page) .

We  have four  8 week modules of classes of Bar / Bat Mitzvah Training scheuled for the year 2020.  After the 8th class an exam is given .  This is the schedule for the classes for 2020. It is recommened that these classes be taken in numerical order, but they can be taken in any order.
Week starting Jan 12- week ending March 6,                                     TORAH CANTILLATION
Week starting April 12- week ending June 5 ,                                  HAFTARAH CANTILLATION
Week starting June 13- week ending August 7                                           JEWISH HISTORY
Week starting August 31-week ending Sept. 18 (First 3 weeks),          PRAYERS AND SONGS
  Week starting October 18-week ending Nov. 11 (Second 5 weeks)

Are you interested in taking our courses? Email us at BKavanahcom@gmail.com .


¿Habla español y le gustaría tomar algunos de estos cursos? Escríbeme para más información a Bkavanahcom@gmail.com .

Need to learn to read Hebrew first?

The above packages are based on the student having a basic ability to read Hebrew. If you are not there yet, or you just want to learn Hebrew, we offer beginning Hebrew class modules to motivated students! See the schedule below.

Module 1           Jan 12-March 6                                  LEARN TO READ HEBREW
Module 2         April 4 - June 5                                     LEARN PRAYERS AND SONGS
Module 3         June 14-Aug. 7                                       VOCAB N GRAMMAR I
Module 4         Aug 31-Sept 18 and Oct. 18-Nov.20   VOCAB N GRAMMAR II

Does your congregation, or home group want to learn Hebrew together?

Contact us for group rates!

This program provides weekly and biweekly teaching and listening sessions to highly motivated students who are willing to commit to daily homework assignments. Specifically, the program requires the following from the students:
  • High motivation and eligibility determined by B’Kavanah from interview process
  • Commitment to complete daily practice, study and reading assignments
  • Commitment to meet on time once or twice a week online with teacher (depending on package chosen), and for ½ hour of instruction and another half hour of listening to and also practicing reading Hebrew to teacher for 15 minutes. The time and day(s) will be agreed upon and must be treated with the same priority of any other professional appointment.
  • Student will also send 1 minute recording of assigned reading via Whatsap 1-4 days a week, which teacher will send feedback on within 24 hours.
  • Additionally, students will need access to a computer with audio, camera, and internet connection, an email address, Zoom.com registration, Whatsap on cell phone, and the required books.
The teacher will provide well planned out instruction per class, carefully selected daily homework sent once a week via email, listen to student reading Hebrew in class with immediate feedback and via Whatsap with 24 hour feedback.

Weekly classes with 1 recording feedback are $400 per module if paid up front, or $235 if paid monthly ( to cover transaction fees)

Bi weekly classes meet twice a week and have 4 recording feedbacks . This option is $800 per module, or $435 a month ( to cover transaction fees.)